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Krabi, Thailand, 2 Weeks Climbing Camp  - € 880

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in South East

Asia. It can probably be considered as the first pit-stop for first time

travelers in the area. Thus, its friendly people, tasty food and

beautiful beaches makes it a perfect holiday destination. Lastly, but not least, since 15 years Thailand has become the Mekka of rock climbing in Asia.

Along with a high standard of instructors, who has at least 8 years of

experience, we offer 2 weeks climbing camp which consists as detailed


day 1:   arrival

day 2:   free day and meeting the instructors

day 3:   lead climbing course

day 4:   lead climbing course

day 5:   lead climbing + absail course

day 6:   free day

day 7:   technical climbing performance

day 8:   technical climbing performance

day 9:   free day

day 10: multi pitch course/ deep water solo

day 11: multi pitch course/ deep water solo

day 12: optional day

day 13: free day

day 14: termination of the camp

Within 2 weeks, you will feel the difference in your own mind as you develop your confidence and improve your judgment and you'll see the difference as you master the rope-work skills, balance and movement techniques.

Climbing on all kinds of rock at many classic venues, you'll do more than your fair share of climbing too and, as you'll learn all about gear selection, route selection, guidebooks, access and many other surrounding issues you will leave the course confident enough to call yourself a 'rock climber.'

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